Juve Frosinone Clash Indicates Only One Spot Between Chiesa and Soulé!

The contest between Juventus and Frosinone is set to emerge as a battle for the future between Federico Chiesa and Matias Soulé according to the Gazzetta dello Sport. One of them will have to depart from Juventus. A match today at 12:30 against Frosinone will decide much about their future at Juve. Reportedly, come 2025, there will only be room for one of them in the black and white stripes of Juventus, and the other will have to be sold.

Chiesa, the former Fiorentina star, has only a little over a year left on his current contract, but negotiations for extension have reportedly not been going as both parties would’ve liked. The Argentinian Matias Soulé has been performing impressively at Ciociaria, attracting the interest of various top clubs. It is said that should he be the one who departs, the Bianconeri club is anticipating a haul of at least €30 million from his sale.

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