Juve, Cambiaso: The approach will be crucial

Andrea Cambiaso, a winger for Juventus, spoke ahead of kick-off against Genoa in an interview with DAZN.

During the pre-match interview, Cambiaso reflected on his past experiences with Genoa-Juve matches. He recounted, “Beautiful memory, it was 2008. The year after, I joined the Genoa youth sector, a wonderful experience. It affects me somewhat, I struggle to realise.”

In regards to the upcoming match, Cambiaso mentioned Genoa’s proficiency in the first half of their games, highlighting its significance particularly at the start, “The approach is crucial. Genoa is one of the teams that did best in the first 45 minutes. The start will be extremely important.” These words underline the tactical considerations Juventus will likely be making ahead of the game.

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