Juve, Allegri: Transfer market on the rise, but Giuntoli keeps watch

Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, discussed the team’s approach to their upcoming match against Salernitana in a press conference. He provided insights into the team’s morale and transfer strategy.

Allegri stressed the significance of the next game and the team’s readiness to face a team who are enjoying a healthy spell. He said, “This is a competition that means a lot to us. Tomorrow marks our entry into the Coppa Italia against a team in good shape. We must progress to the next round.”

There has been much speculation over Juventus’ transfer strategy, specifically about Paul Pogba and Nicolo Fagioli. Responding to this, Allegri said rather curtly that it’s the responsibility of the team directors to monitor the transfer market. According to the Juventus coach, the squad continues to improve in the absence of Pogba and Fagioli both of whom have been missing from the team for several months now.

Allegri focused more on the internal development of the team than speculating about possible transfers, emphasizing a philosophy of relentless commitment towards the tasks at hand. He added that the team needs to continue working hard, indicating optimism for the future without dwelling on the speculated transfer market decisions.

The direct statements from Allegri were reported by Juventus News 24.

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