Juve, Allegri: Focus is on the Next Scudetto

Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegri has spoken post-match, following Juventus’ victory over Napoli. In his interview with DAZN, Allegri shared his thoughts on the game and the way forward for his team.

According to Allegri, the win over Napoli was crucial. He pointed out that the triumph has put Napoli 12 points behind, a feat that he considers ‘excellent’. However, he highlighted areas they need to improve on, saying “We need to work with one step at a time, improve in certain aspects, we make too many mistakes in ball handling and need more clarity.” He praised his team’s performance in the first half of the game and their resilience in difficult times, but noted their opponents held the ball for most of the game without having major chances.

When asked about the team’s objectives, Allegri emphasised on a game-by-game mentality, saying: “What we need to say internally could mean that we also want the Scudetto, but to achieve it we have to play the matches. Right now, our focus is on our next game against Genoa. The more points we achieve, the more likely we can enter the Champions League and stay in touch with the strongest in the championship.”

He also praised his players for the recovered balance in the team, attributing all credit to their willingness to improve. He commented on the humility of the squad and acknowledged their understanding of their limitations, indicating that their composure even in light of errors is a step forward.

Allegri also explained how the team managed to maintain their composure even after making mistakes that could have cost them a goal. He described it as a sign of maturity much like the disallowed goal. In his words, “There is a belief of achieving great deeds, and a desire to demonstrate and improve.”

Speaking about the wider team’s contribution, he said that it’s in Juventus’ DNA to win tough matches through hard work. Using Gatti’s defensive contribution as an example, Allegri expressed his contentment with his goal, but added that “he needs to do much more defensively.”

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