Juve, Allegri flags issues for Kean, comments on Chiellini’s role

Ahead of the encounter between Juventus and Genoa, Juventus’ coach Massimiliano Allegri made some comments at a press conference.

On the topic of Moise Kean, Allegri insisted personal accomplishments are not the priority, but the team’s overall target is. “The individual objective means nothing, what’s important is the goal of the team,” he said. Allegri confirmed that after four games, further assessments will be made. Adrian Rabiot is in good condition, but they’ve decided to rest Kean following an ongoing tibia issue. “Kean has been excellent in training and coping with the pain, but the time has come to rest him for three to four weeks to remedy the issue,” Allegri stated.

Allegri informed that Mattia De Sciglio, who is expected to return next year, is not available, but Timothy Weah will be returning to the squad.

When questioned about Giorgio Chiellini, Allegri acknowledged his extraordinary career and intelligence in the game. He emphasised that Chiellini will have to make tough decisions about his future now that a part of his career is concluding. Allegri then highlighted his potential in occupying various roles in the future.

“Chiellini, an intelligent individual, has had an outstanding career. He’s rounding off a segment of his life and will need to determine his future course. He has all the attributes to fill various roles,” Allegri observed.

As for Leonardo Bonucci, Allegri revealed he wasn’t certain about his future plans but thought Bonucci intended to become a coach. He wished Bonucci the best for his future pursuits post-retirement.

“Leo, I don’t know, I think he intends to become a coach and I wish him all the best when he stops playing. Hopefully, he will have the skills and opportunities to do so. When players retire, they start a new life and the roles are completely different,” Allegiri added.

The source of the direct speech was a press conference preceding the match between Juventus and Genoa. You can read more about this on Juventus News 24.

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