Joao Felix Suggests Bernardo Silva Would Be Perfect for Barcelona

Barcelona’s Joao Felix has publically expressed his wish for Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva to join him in the Blaugrana squad. According to Felix, Silva would make a perfect fit.

Felix, while appearing on the Twitch channel Jijantes, spoke about his admiration for Silva and was not hesitant in revealing his ambitions. “I hope Barça go and get Bernardo Silva. He is a phenomenal player,” claimed Felix.

Having been on Barcelona’s radar since last summer, Silva’s potential move to the Spanish giant has been a subject of fervent speculation. It seems Felix, who regularly interacts with Silva, has been actively lobbying the idea as well. “He always asks me for information. He would fit in perfectly,” Felix added.

These revelations by Felix further fuel the transfer rumours about Silva’s potential move from Manchester City to Barcelona. While the transfer window is known for its uncertainty, the wishes of Joao Felix are clear as daylight.

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