Inzaghi’s Salernitana Deserved to Win, Held Their Ground Against Strong Team

After the match Salernitana versus Milan, Filippo Inzaghi, Salernitana’s head coach, expressed his thoughts in an interview with DAZN.

Inzaghi expressed regret at drawing with Milan. “There is regret for a draw with Milan, I feel sorry for these boys. Between Bergamo and today, we stood up to two very strong teams. We played against a very strong team and we would have deserved a win. I saw them disappointed and it means that it’s a good sign: if we are these, we play it with everyone,” Inzaghi stated.

Regarding the team spirit, Inzaghi declared that from his first day, the team has been closely following him. He believed there were fears that needed to be dispelled.

“We have had two voids and fears have returned, but during the week of Bergamo we started to breathe the right air again. The team did not get discouraged; it was not easy to reverse Milan and tonight the old guard deserved applause. The older ones must be an example for the younger ones like today, I’m happy for our president and our fans because they deserve to see a team fighting like this,” Inzaghi said Musing over the courage and fighting spirit of his team, he was pleased with the older players, as they set good examples for the young ones.

Inzaghi’s pride for his team and their perseverance on the field was evident. His remarks gave a clear insight into the head coach’s perspective after a significant match. His interview can be watched in full from the embedded link.

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