Inzaghi’s contract extension with Inter confirmed after delay due to specific reasons

In contract renewal news, Simone Inzaghi is on the verge of extending his stay with Inter, despite some initial delays. Luca Marchetti, reporting for Sky Sport, has provided updates on the situation and disclosed intriguing behind-the-scenes details.

“White smoke is just around the corner,” Marchetti noted, hinting that the agreement is close to being finalised.

Marchetti revealed that Tullio Tinti, Inzaghi’s agent, was actively engaged in discussions at the club’s office.

“Tinti has been in the office to discuss the final details,” Marchetti confirmed.

The negotiations had some delays, but it appears all remaining hurdles are being swiftly addressed.

“The delays were due to some minor issues that needed ironing out,” Marchetti added.

Despite the hiccups, both parties seem optimistic about reaching a satisfactory conclusion soon.

“We can expect an official announcement shortly,” Marchetti stated.

This renewal will cement Inzaghi’s relationship with Inter, ensuring continuity as the team looks to build on recent successes. Fans eagerly await the confirmation that their manager will remain at the helm.

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