Inzaghi Renewal: Last Hurdle Before Inter Agreement Reached

Simone Inzaghi’s extension with Inter is leaning towards positive, but a third meeting is essential to iron out the final details.

In today’s edition, Tuttosport extensively covered the contract extension of the Piacenza-born coach, revealing that a third meeting will be necessary to finalise the details regarding the contract’s expiration and salary aspects.

According to the report, optimism is filtering through Inter’s management regarding the extension for Inzaghi.

One key source suggested, “We are confident that the third meeting will allow us to settle any remaining issues.”

This source indicated that while significant progress has been made, the final meeting will be crucial to confirming the agreement.

Inzaghi’s current contract has been a focal point of discussion among Inter supporters, and securing his future remains a top priority for the club.

Fans are hopeful that the confirmation of his extension will come soon, bolstering the team’s stability for the upcoming seasons.

Tuttosport’s coverage suggests that both parties are keen to reach a mutual agreement swiftly, with the anticipated third discussion expected to take place shortly.

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