Inter’s Zanetti: Simeone’s familiarity will make things difficult

Inter’s vice president, Javier Zanetti, reacted to the club’s Champions League draw against Atletico Madrid. Speaking to Sky Sport after the draw, Zanetti acknowledged the challenge Atletico Madrid pose.

He expressed respect for Atletico Madrid, calling them a “difficult team to face”. He stated, “I know Simeone very well, he’s been my teammate and my friend. These will be two great matches between two great teams.”

About the draw, Zanetti revealed that Inter knew it would be complicated after finishing second. He said, “We have a great respect for Atletico Madrid, I know their culture and their history. They’ll certainly be a tough opponent to beat, but we’re also in a position to play two great matches. We’ll be ready.”

When asked about playing the first match at home being a disadvantage, Zanetti dismissed the concern. He underlined the need for his team to start well both in San Siro and in Madrid, emphasizing that both matches will be very balanced and both teams have great players. He hoped that Inter will maintain their current form during the upcoming games, but acknowledged that there is still time.

Lautaro Martinez, Inter’s skipper, continued his scoring spree recently, and Zanetti remarked on this saying, “Yes, it looked like that missed goal in Istanbul. I’m happy with yesterday’s win and the fact that Lautaro continues to score as he’s doing. He’s in great shape right now, he’s a true leader and our captain. He manages to convey all the energy he has inside.”

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