Inter’s Thuram: Lautaro is extraordinary, we’ve struck Juve

Inter Milan’s striker Marcus Thuram has opened up about his initial experiences with the club during the current Serie A season. In a conversation with Inter’s official channels, he discussed his adjustment to his new team.

” I have a team that supports my style of play. However, in the end, it is just football. I receive help from everyone on the team, but especially Lautaro, who plays close to me and is an extraordinary captain,” Thuram said.

He went on to talk about his goal against Juventus, “It’s the ThuLa combination that scored again. It’s a move we try many times in training. I am supposed to always create opportunities as a striker. And yes, I am the fastest on the team.”

Finally, Thuram mentioned his admiration for Adriano, and added, “I would steal his left-footed shot if I could.”

These comments reflect Thuram’s apparent fast adaptation to his new team, his strong relationship with teammate Lautaro, and his ambitions to keep improving and mirroring the skill set of renowned Inter players. It addition, Thuram’s comments suggest his intent to keep contributing to the team’s success this season.

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