Inter’s Mkhitaryan: The aim is the second star

Inter Milan midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan set out his team’s main objective ahead of the start of the 2024 season in an interview with Italian daily sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We want the Scudetto,” declared Mkhitaryan, referring to the Italian Football Championship title. He stated the core challenge is the consistent performance against various teams week in and week out, not just against Juventus FC.

However, the Armenian player also hinted at the psychological games being played by rival teams. “It’s a strategy. They want to put pressure on us and Milan,” he said, implying that Juventus also has its sights set on the championship title.

Taking stock of Inter Milan’s strength, Mkhitaryan acknowledged that despite significant changes, the team maintains a positive atmosphere and winning mentality. The key to their strength, as he sees it, lies in the solid foundational structures of the team. He added that compared to the previous season, the team had taken a leap in maturity, understanding what was lacking to transform them into a truly great team.

When questioned about the midfield strength, Mkhitaryan affirmed, “Yes, we have a strong and diverse midfield.” While acknowledging praise he and his fellow midfielders, Hakan Calhanoglu and Nicolo Barella, have received, he was quick to point out that the strength of the team doesn’t rely on individuals alone. If another player takes the field, whether Emanuel Vignato or Stefano Sensi, they know their part to play.

Full statements and further information can be read on Inter News 24’s website.

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