Inter’s Marotta: Cup defeat a one-off, market possibilities for Cuadrado’s replacement underway

Inter Milan’s CEO, Giuseppe Marotta, spoke to Sky Sport ahead of the clash between Inter and Lecce.

Marotta addressed the team’s recent defeat in the Coppa Italia, expressing considerable disappointment over the result. He stressed the importance of maintaining positive momentum and pointed to injuries as a major issue the team is grappling with.

Marotta said, “The Coppa Italia night was an unfortunate incident but indeed a disappointment. The main goal is to give positive vibes. Our significant problem is injuries. With a packed schedule, our issues are more managerial than adversarial.”

Marotta assured fans of a steady approach towards contract extensions devoid of anxiety, adding, “We are incredibly proud to say that many of our players want to extend their adventure with us: we do not have and we will not have problems.”

Addressing the absence of Cuadrado due to injury, the CEO revealed that the club is actively seeking reinforcements in the transfer market though he admitted uncertainties over Cuadrado’s recovery and potential alternatives.

“We are monitoring what the market can provide, aiming to strengthen that role. Cuadrado’s absence brings us to a position where we need to find a replacement,” he revealed. “We are monitoring a few situations, but we will find the right solution: we can’t make heavy investments, but we are determined to solve these problems.”

Marotta emphasised the club’s intent to find viable solutions without making heavy investments or creating false hopes among fans. The full interview is available on Sky Sport.

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