Di Gregorio’s Move to Inter Confirmed?

In transfer news from Inter Milan, the Nerazzurri’s gaze seems firmly fixed on Monza’s goalkeeper, Michele Di Gregorio. Apparently, this interest continues unabated despite the player’s hefty €20m price tag.

Di Gregorio has been a standout performer at Monza since joining in 2020, catching the eye of Inter who are understood to be keen on bringing him back to his home base.

In an attempt to off-set the financial commitment, Monza’s top brass, Adriano Galliani, appears to be willing to consider a swap deal. According to Calciomercato.com, Inter may well be mulling the option of offering their on-loan starlet Gaetano Oristanio as a bargaining chip in the potential transfer deal. Oristanio, born in 2002 and currently plying his trade at Cagliari, could see his future tied to the Nerazzurri’s pursuit of the Monza shot-stopper.

Amid the transfer rumours and speculations, fans and pundits alike will be keeping a keen eye on the proceedings as they unfold in the coming weeks.

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