Inter’s Lautaro scores renewal goal, Arnautovic channels Fantozzi

A tale of two halves, the performances of Inter Milan’s Lautaro and Arnautovic reveal the contrasting fortunes of the players.

Argentinian forward, Lautaro, returned from injury and quickly returned to form, scoring the opening goal in a recent match against Verona. After missing two games due to injury, his return was marked by a significant contribution to his team’s scoring effort.

Conversely, Austrian international, Arnautovic, entered during the second half and faltered noticeably. He lost possession seconds after getting into the game, an error leading to a Verona equaliser, and missed two straightforward scoring opportunities. His lack of composure on the pitch was evident, alongside the mounting pressure from the San Siro crowd.

According to Italian newspaper Tuttosport, the performances of the two players were assessed widely differently. Lautaro was credited with a score of 6.5 with Tuttosport stating, “Back on the field and immediately making his mark by scoring his 16th goal in Serie A. Inter Milan cannot do without their captain.”

On the other hand, Arnautovic was given a low grade of 4. Tuttosport harshly noted, “He lost possession leading to the Verona goal, then missed two in a manner that was, to put it lightly, clumsy.”

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