Inter’s Frattesi: I’ve always been a competitive animal in football

Inter’s midfielder, Davide Frattesi, opened up about his life both on and off the football pitch in an interview with popular Italian sports magazine Undici.

The promising footballer, known for his immense competitive spirit, discussed the turning point in his career when he decided to stay with Sassuolo, despite contemplating a move two years ago. He said, “There’s a switch in me that makes me hyper-competitive in football—it gives me an extra boost. But sometimes, my lack of patience gets in the way, like two years ago when I wanted to leave Sassuolo. But it was probably not the right time.”
Frattesi expressed his gratitude towards the Sassuolo director, Carnevali, and his agent, who convinced him to remain with the club. Acknowledging the importance of patience, he believed that his subsequent standout season vindicated that decision.

Relatively reserved off the pitch, Frattesi confessed he prefers a calm lifestyle, which contrasts with his competitive streak in football. Shunning the limelight where he can, the Inter midfielder mentioned his hobbies from playing video games to trying out escape rooms. “We footballers are normal guys—I don’t see what’s so special about us off the pitch. Yes, there are those ninety minutes when you’re at the centre of attention, but beyond that, there’s nothing extraordinary.”

Despite his growing popularity and increased scrutiny from the media and fans alike, Frattesi remains resolute in maintaining his tranquillity. Sharing frustrations with the modern commentary culture prevalent on social media platforms, he declared, “Sadly, we live in a world where people, behind a screen, believe they have the right to write whatever they want.”

Yet, unlike many who find themselves at the receiving end of unjust online criticism, Frattesi prefers taking the high road, ignoring comments that might affect his peace. However, he expressed concern for those who might be more affected by these public speculations, underlining the importance of athletes’ mental wellbeing— a topic not often addressed.

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