Inter’s Dimarco addresses moralists on social media

Inter Milan’s left-back, Federico Dimarco, has taken to social media following his exuberant celebration in the face of Thomas Henry after the latter’s missed penalty.

Dimarco’s message was clear and heartfelt. “Did I celebrate? Yes, I celebrated and did so wholeheartedly. Celebrating without insulting anyone, without making rude gestures,” he shared on the social media platform. He further highlighted that he was elated due to the victory, the fright, and the averted danger.

The Inter star also spoke about the harsh and cruel nature of sport, expressing his regret if his joy instinctively burst out in front of Henry who had just missed the penalty. “Some might say it wasn’t a beautiful thing and they are probably right. But I didn’t mean to offend anyone,” Dimarco stated.

Dimarco further explained his actions by pointing out that at the final whistle, before celebrating with his teammates, he went to embrace Henry. He said he did the same in the changing rooms after the match with his former teammates because, for him, that’s what sport is about. It’s about winning, losing, celebrating and crying, and in the end, embracing.

Addressing his critics, Dimarco urged, “Criticise me, but look at everything that happens on the field, not just what suits you. Thank you. Hello everyone”. He signed off the message in a friendly way, proving that camaraderie often survives, even in the face of competition.

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