Inter’s Arnautovic: We are an extraordinary group

Inter striker Marko Arnautovic has opened up about his feelings after his team’s win against Lecce at the San Siro, while speaking to SKY Sport.

Arnautovic expressed the myriad of emotions he felt during the win, stating, “I have felt many emotions. When Inter called me, I felt as happy as a child.” According to the striker, although his initial transitioning period was challenging due to a long absence from the field, the support from the club was immense.

The Austrian player feels reciprocation is in order as he is putting in his maximum effort for the club, stating his affection for the team and fans. Despite the struggles to score goals, Arnautovic points out he is delivering assists and the team is winning, which is paramount for him. He highlights that the aim of the team is to strive for wins in all matches and attempt to seize the league title.

Further commenting on the unity in the team, Arnautovic said, “The group is extraordinary. We are a wonderful team, we want to win the league title and will fight for it.”

Arnautovic also touched upon the club’s mentality in their battle for the league title, stating that the team does not focus on other teams’ results. He believes Inter are more concerned about winning their games, without regard to how Juventus, Milan, or other teams perform, and confidently suggests waiting for the outcome once all matches are played.

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