Intercontinental Cup, historic competition returns in 2024: FIFA announcement

The FIFA Intercontinental Cup is set to return to the calendar in 2024, announced FIFA. The communication detailed how this revived annual tournament will involve champions from each confederation’s club competition, and culminate in a neutral venue featuring the winners of the UEFA Champions League and intercontinental playoffs winners.

The announcement from FIFA stated that the official name for the tournament would be “Coupe Intercontinentale de la FIFA”.

The detailed structure of the upcoming FIFA Intercontinental Cup looks to enhance continental sporting rivalries and shine a prestige annual title on various stages of the competition.

The competition will consist of the following stages:

Stage A: This stage involves two rounds. Rotating annually, AFC Champions League winners or CAF Champions League winners will play a home game against the OFC Champions League winners. Winners of this round will face the AFC Champions League or CAF Champions League winners in the final phase. The AFC or CAF team for the first round will be determined by a draw. Hosting rights for the first round and the final phase will be shared between the AFC and CAF teams involved, each team gaining the chance to play a match at their home stadium. The hosting rights will alternate every year.

Stage B: In a single leg, Concacaf Champions Cup winners will face CONMEBOL Libertadores winners at the home stadium of one of the clubs. The home team for the first edition will be defined by a draw, with hosting rights to be alternated every subsequent year.

Play-off: Winners of both prior phases will play against each other just before the final at the same neutral venue hosting the final match.

Final: The UEFA Champions League winners will then play against the play-off winners at a neutral venue, with the winners crowned as that year’s champions.

Key competition dates were also shared by FIFA. The early stages will be scheduled by FIFA in consultation with the clubs and the confederations. The play-off is scheduled for December 14, 2024, at a neutral location, and the final is set to take place on December 18, 2024, at the same neutral location.

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