Inter Verona Ratings: The Hits and Misses of the San Siro Match

The game between Inter Milan and Verona proved hard-fought, offering some meritorious performances worth highlighting.

Foremost among them was Lautaro Martinez, who not only played spectacularly but also proved to be the driving force behind his team’s elevated performance. His outstanding performance earned him an 8 out of 10 rating for the day.

Next in line was Benjamin Pavard, who demonstrated his return to form with a rating of 6.5. In an exciting turn of events, Davide Frattesi scored in the final moments of the match, securing a rating of 7.

In contrast, Marko Arnautovic was a disappointment for the day. His performance, reminiscent of Romelu Lukaku’s infamous error, deemed him the least effective player on the field, earning him a low rating of 4.5.

Playing for Verona, Magnani put on an impressive show, outperforming Marko and proving critical to Verona’s draw in the match, thus earning a rating of 7. Henry, however, exhibited a bittersweet performance. After making an early goal within just a minute of his entrance, he later missed a crucial penalty kick, reflecting in his lower rating of 5.5.

These game ratings were drawn from player performance across the match and highlights the varying performances of the day.

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