Inter-Verona, Cesari: Deliberate elbow, VAR should have intervened

Graziano Cesari, former Serie A referee, has voiced his views on a controversial moment in the recent Inter-Verona game while on Sportmediaset. The discussion revolved around the crucial Frattesi goal which held the potential to alter the course of the game.

Cesari was quoted as saying, “When Bastoni exits the penalty area, a clear gesture with the arm can be seen. Fabbri could not see it, but the VAR should have intervened.” Cesari’s words highlight the perceived need for the VAR to step in during complex match incidents.

Continuing with his statement, Cesari mentioned, “The fact that subsequently a crossbar was hit and thus a new action started does not matter: if there is a serious game foul, or violent conduct as in this case with the ball being far away, the goal must be cancelled.”

In essence, he argues that a foul, or any form of violent conduct should render the goal null, regardless of follow-up actions on the field. Cesari’s comments have amplified the ongoing debates about the uses and effectiveness of VAR in modern football.

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