Inter Transfer Market: Potential New Addition to Attack Subject to Two Conditions

Despite the recent signing of Buchanan, Inter Milan’s transfer market activities might not yet be over as head coach Simone Inzaghi has expressed his intent of adding one more attacker to his squad. However, achieving this dream may be a difficult task, depending on two crucial conditions being met.

Inzaghi is reportedly seeking an attacking player who has had limited exposure in the Serie A, hoping to obtain a forward who already has experience within the Italian championship. However, this search is unlikely to be a simple task. Nonetheless, there are still a few weeks left to identify the right candidate.

The “Tuttosport” report highlighted two crucial prerequisites for Inzaghi’s offensive reinforcement – these include the exit of player Sanchez as well as a victory in the Supercoppa competition. With these two pieces falling into place, it may open up the possibility for Inzaghi to fulfil his transfer desires.

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