Inter reportedly eyeing young defender Leoni amidst market competition

Inter are set to clash with AC Milan in a transfer derby for Giovanni Leoni, the young defender from Sampdoria.

Inter’s market men have been in talks with Sampdoria for days regarding Giovanni Leoni, a young defender who has caught the attention of the Nerazzurri for the future.

However, the 2006-born talent is highly sought after, with numerous clubs vying to secure his services.

“Leoni is an exceptional talent and our scouts have been following him closely,” an Inter insider told Gazzetta dello Sport.

AC Milan, not to be outdone by their city rivals, are also keen on the youngster, hoping to bolster their defence with his promising skills.

A source close to Milan confirmed to Corriere dello Sport, “We believe Giovanni Leoni could be a significant asset for our team in the coming seasons.”

The transfer battle between Inter and AC Milan is expected to intensify in the coming weeks as both clubs aim to strengthen their squads with future prospects.

Given the allure surrounding the player, Sampdoria are in a strong position to negotiate favourable terms for Leoni’s transfer.

A representative from Sampdoria remarked to Tuttosport, “We are aware of the interest in Giovanni, and we will ensure that any decision regarding his future will be in his best interest as well as the club’s.”

Fans of both Milanese giants will be eagerly watching to see which side will emerge victorious in this intriguing transfer saga.

Stay tuned for more updates as we track this developing story.

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