Inter-Lecce: What the VAR Said About Carlos Augusto’s Handball

Debates ensued following the weekend football match between Inter Milan and Lecce, mainly concerning the alleged handball by Carlos Augusto. This incident was discussed in depth on the show Open Var on Dazn, right after the face-off between Roma and Juventus.

The discussions revolved around the VAR room’s decisions and their official statement clarified the entire confusion, “The offence looked like a penalty…. No, it was a clear back pass. Based on the Goal Line Technology it was a back pass and the arm was tucked in anyway. The left arm did make contact but it’s never a penalty. We must flag this to the On-Field Review for a possible non-penalty … the arm was moving naturally.”

Paolo Trefoloni, an esteemed Italian referee, echoed these sentiments insisting, “The player had one arm attached to his body and the other did not increase the area of impact and the movement was consistent. The referee whistled because, from his perspective, it might have looked different. However, he rectified this as the initial penalty call was mistaken.”

Sources such as, among others, have expanded on this particular topic, providing more detailed information about this controversial incident in the game.

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