Inter Lecce, Calvarese’s analysis: Marcenaro inaccurate

The retired referee, Gianpaolo Calvarese, has analysed the Inter-Lecce match, specifically the performance of the referee Marcenaro.

Calvarese describes Marcenaro’s performance in the game at San Siro as “technically imprecise, tainted by several mistakes.” He pointed out a questionable incident in the Lecce penalty area right at the start. Mkhitaryan went down after taking on Falcone; however, the replay showed no contact. Calvarese agreed with the decision to play on.

On the contentious free-kick that led to Bisseck’s goal, both teams lodged protests. Inter wanted a second yellow for Joan Gonzalez, while Lecce disputed the handball decision. Calvarese sided with Lecce, stating, “Gonzalez first intercepts the ball with his hip, then hand, but his hand is not open and therefore not punishable.”

In the second half, Marcenaro awarded a penalty from the field against Lecce for an alleged handball by Carlos Augusto. However, the video assistant referee (VAR) showed the ball touching his back/elbow, prompting Marcenaro to reconsider his decision. “The On-Field Review, called by Maggioni, ‘saved’ Marcenaro,” Calvarese said.

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