Inter keen on Lautaro renewal but both sides remain distant, club urges Argentine for clarity

Inter fans are growing increasingly anxious as the renewal saga of Lautaro Martinez with the club remains unresolved.

The Corriere dello Sport has provided a comprehensive update on the situation, indicating that the two sides are still significantly apart in their negotiations.

Lautaro’s camp has reportedly started with a demand of €12 million per season.

A source close to the negotiations stated, “There is still a considerable gap between what Lautaro is asking for and what Inter is willing to offer.”

Inter Milan’s management appears to be holding firm on their own valuation and terms, which has led to the current impasse.

Both parties remain hopeful of reaching an agreement but acknowledge that significant groundwork must still be done to bridge their differences.

An insider from the club, speaking to the Corriere dello Sport, admitted, “We understand Lautaro’s value and contribution, but we also have to consider our financial constraints.”

As the clock ticks closer to the end of his current contract, tension mounts among the Nerazzurri faithful, who see Lautaro as a crucial part of their team’s future success.

The coming weeks will be critical as both sides strive to find common ground and secure Lautaro’s future at the club.

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