Inter considering Brescianini for midfield, but Milan might intercept the deal, reveals Italian Football Market.

Inter Milan Transfer News: Mark Brescianini of Frosinone Attracts Interest

It appears Inter Milan is on the edge of its seats, showing high interest in young prodigy Mark Brescianini from Frosinone FC.

He is the hot new name floating around the Inter Milan transfer market. The midfielder, currently with Frosinone, has had a positively stellar season donning the yellow-blue jersey, proving to be one of the most talented youngsters in Serie A.

While no official communication has surfaced from either of the clubs or the player, there are strong indications that Inter Milan is trying to get a head start in securing the talented youngster. The details, however, were not immediately available.

Inter Milan undoubtedly recognizes the value that Brescianini, a rising star, can bring to their midfield and consequently, their team. Awaiting further information, fans and analysts are keenly following the progression of this potential transfer.

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