Inter, Bergomi: Starting to rethink my stance on Bisseck

Former Inter captain and current television commentator, Beppe Bergomi, has given his thoughts on Inter’s recent performances, specifically highlighting the role of Bisseck in a conversation with Sky Sport.

Bergomi commented on how Arnautovic had struggled during the game. “Arnautovic had difficulty and his heel towards the end of the match redeemed him. However, he had two great chances to score but missed both,” he stated.

Despite Arnautovic’s struggles, Bergomi sensed fatigue in the entire Inter team and felt they had to strive hard to make an impact in a game that, initially at least, seemed easy to control.

The ex-Inter captain went on to praise Bisseck. Initially sceptical, Bergomi admitted he was impressed by Bisseck’s performance and quick adaptation to his role. “I must reconsider, he is doing well and I did not think he would interpret the role with such personality in such a short time,” was Bergomi’s assessment.

He also acknowledged the tension on the field, attributing it to the aftermath of their Coppa Italia exit. According to the former Inter captain, the team had a hard time scoring due to this tension, which resulted in a level of on-field suffering.

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