Iervolino takes a hard stance on Salernitana: Some people don’t love the team

Salernitana, currently at the bottom of the league and facing a challenging away game in Bergamo, is going through a tough period. Speculations around the precarious positions of director of sports De Sanctis and coach Inzaghi have further added fuel to the fire. In a recent press conference, Salernitana’s president, Danilo Iervolino, voiced severe criticisms against the team and the fans. These comments were reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Discussing the team, Iervolino reportedly said, “The problems reside in a torn environment. The team does not want to work hard. There are factions, players who do not love Salerno and Salernitana. They are here but want to be elsewhere, in my view, they are the sole culprits. They should take their responsibilities, play in Salerno due to the desire or fear because, sportingly speaking, this could be their downfall. I will be uncompromising.”

In addition to criticising his team, Iervolino also expressed his disappointment towards the fans. He was quoted saying, “I consider them to be offensive and threatening, which I did not expect. I have always respected everyone; however, I couldn’t meet them on Sunday because my son was scared and I had to think about solutions for the team. I would have liked to do so, but now I don’t want to.”

President Iervolino’s comments highlight the issues currently facing Salernitana both on and off the pitch. The heated remarks have underscored the growing tension between the team, its management and the fans.

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