Iervolino introduces Sabatini again: Symbol and flag of Salerno

In a press conference, Salernitana president Danilo Iervolino reintroduced Walter Sabatini to the media. Iervolino’s statements were recorded by TMW.

First, Iervolino thanked his dear friend and professional, De Sanctis, wishing him the best success and results in his career.

“Additionally, I would like to extend my appreciation to his staff”, Iervolino stated.

The president also expressed his congratulations to the team for their impressive performance against Milan the previous day.

“I am delighted to present Walter Sabatini for the second time today”, he said. Iervolino shared fond reminiscences of Sabatini, having previously described him two years earlier as a charismatic and enlightened individual, and a genius in his sector.

This time, Iervolino referred to Sabatini as a monument and a flag of Salerno. He expressed his belief that Sabatini is the right person for the club as he truly loves Salerno, knows the environment, and understands the energy present there.

The Salernitana president spoke of the rapport between himself and Sabatini. He stated that they had resolved all misunderstandings and re-established a genuine and honest relationship. He also mentioned that Sabatini had immediately accepted when asked to return to Salernitana, acknowledging the challenge at hand.

In his concluding remarks, Iervolino spoke about the love between Sabatini and the football fans, saying it was mutual and they created the perfect combination.

“With unity, we have indomitable and non-submissive fans”, he praised. Lastly, he wanted everyone, including himself and the director, to share in the enthusiasm driven by fans’ intense passion.

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