Iachini: Parma’s project is ambitious, focusing on Man

Beppe Iachini, former coach of Parma, has discussed the team’s season in Serie B, as well as their ambitions, in a conversation with Sky Sport.

Iachini outlined the challenges of managing a youthful and multi-national squad playing in such a competitive league. “A very ambitious but complicated programme in Serie B, when you have many young and foreign players, in their first experience, learning the language and individual tactical training means we have to start from afar,” he said.

He stressed the pressures faced by young players in a newly relegated side, expected to quickly scale the heights again. According to Iachini, “these are youngsters who have had to follow a path in a team that has just been relegated, with many pressures, with the need to rise again. Thinking of having everything and immediately is not like that, but it’s the project that was ambitious and risky.”

He also referred to the struggles experienced by other teams that were relegated in previous years.

Discussing specific Parma players, Iachini mentioned Bernabè had initially been unable to play owing to a heart problem, while Bonny, only seventeen years old, was notable for his drive and goal intuition, despite struggling with nerves on the field. “He was excited when he went on the field, it’s not easy so young. He made his debut with me,” Iachini stated.

Turning to Man, who returned to the squad after a seven-game absence due to injury, Iachini praised his work ethic and skill, and disclosed that he had bestowed upon him the captain’s armband. “From a human point of view, he is a gem, on a technical level he is a fantastic player”, Iachini added.

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