Henry’s social media outburst: I hope one day you will find peace

Verona striker Thomas Henry has been targeted with threats and abuse on social media following his missed penalty against Inter.

In a statement on social media, Henry said, “To all the people who think they know football better than anyone else and insult my family wishing them death, I hope you can find peace one day in your small lives. Mistakes are part of the sport and I will continue to work to be better than before.”

He also spoke about his life as a football player and how he stays motivated amidst challenges. “One day you win, one day you lose, one day you score, one day you miss, this is my life as a football player and I am proud to have scored my second career goal at San Siro after a ligament break and after starting to play football at the age of 15 in the last French division.”

Reflecting on the experience, he said, “What does not kill you makes you stronger. Always head up, always forward, always higher.”

Starting in the last French division and scoring his second career goal after a ligament break, Henry’s career exemplifies resilience and perseverance, making this outpour of online abuse deeply disturbing.

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