Henry on Como: We want to make the club as famous as the lake

Former French footballer Thierry Henry has shed light on his involvement in the Como project. In an interview with SkySports UK, Henry spoke about his reasons for accepting a leading role.

Henry was evidently attracted to several aspects of the venture. He expressed, “I accepted because I was impressed by everything: from the project itself, to the location and the aspirations of the company”. One of these objectives is to elevate the local football team to the level of fame enjoyed by Lake Como, which defines the city. To attain this, Henry outlined plans to maintain a strong connection with the local community and preserve the familial elements inherent to the project.

Henry also touched on how the transition from a player to a manager has shifted his perspective towards a longer-term view. “As a player or a coach, you know what will happen at the pre-match press conference, but not what will happen after the match,” he said. However, as the head of a club, his priorities now lie in planning and thinking in broad timescales, for instance, looking ahead to the next five years.

This statement shows Henry’s full commitment to a future-centric approach that will likely involve nurturing young talent and developing long-term strategies for success. As an individual who has excelled on both sides of the pitch, his insights convey a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted football industry.

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