Gudmundsson’s Move to Inter Suggested as Possible, Reports Indicate Ausilio’s Transfer Strategy

Albert Gudmundsson edging closer to Inter Milan? According to Sport Mediaset, Piero Ausilio of Inter Milan remains determined to secure the Genoa forward despite the hurdles.

Gudmundsson has been consistently mentioned in transfer discussions, especially involving Inter Milan, as Genoa prepares for potential player sales.

A source from Sport Mediaset said, “Albert Gudmundsson is highly sought after, particularly by Inter Milan, who remain undeterred by the challenges.”

The recurrent mention of Gudmundsson in the context of transfer operations highlights his growing prominence and desirability among top clubs.

As the situation unfolds, it will be interesting to see if Inter Milan’s persistence pays off and if Gudmundsson will don the famous black and blue jersey in the future.

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