Growth Decree, Marotta: An Own Goal for Italian Football

Inter Milan’s CEO, Beppe Marotta has commented on the Italian government’s decision to not extend the Growth Decree.

Marotta expressed his disappointment given the recent successes of Italian football on the continental stage. As he points out, “At a time when Italian football was making a comeback at the European and global level, with three teams that participated in the finals of the major continental competitions last season, the decision to abolish this tax relief represents an own goal for football and the nation’s economy.”

He went on to voice his regret over the potential impact on both players and coaches who have benefited from this tax relief measure, a vital part of the Decree. Marotta’s comments were shared on Inter Milan’s official website.

Regarded as an autogol (own goal) for the economy and football, it is clear the decision could considerably alter the financial equilibrium of Italian football. This story continues to unfold, more updates to be provided as reactions come in.

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