Grosso-Lyon, open war: demands of the coach

Fabio Grosso has been sacked by Lyon and reportedly did not leave on good terms, even going as far as requesting compensation from the club.

The former Frosinone manager is determined to seek damages that he believes he suffered as a direct result of his dismissal. In a report by French newspaper Le Progres, it is claimed that Lyon will have to fork out a sum between 1.5 and 2 million euros to sever all ties with Grosso.

This signifies not only a significant financial obligation for the French club but also hints at a troubled relationship between the two parties. The nature and specifics of the damages sought by Grosso remain undisclosed. However, the fact that he feels entitled to compensation suggests a contentious end to his tenure at Lyon.

The update regarding Grosso’s departure from Lyon adds a tricky dimension to an already complex situation at the club. The onus now is on Lyon to negotiate or contest the reported compensation request and further manage the fallout of this managerial change.

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