Griezmann on Inter-Atletico: Great to play, not so much to watch

Antoine Griezmann, the Atletico Madrid attacker, has given his thoughts on the forthcoming Champions League draw against Inter. His comments were made in an interview with Spanish sports newspaper ‘As’.

Griezmann was quoted saying, “I believe the match will be a bit boring for the fans since two teams that are equal and work a lot without the ball will face each other. I expect a good contest for the players on the field, less so for the spectators.”

The forthright striker cast doubt on the entertainment value of the match, suggesting it may not prove to be a thrilling encounter for the watching crowd.

His comments highlight the close competitive balance between Atletico Madrid and Inter. Griezmann anticipates a battle of tactical prowess that might appeal more to the aficionados of the game than the casual viewer.

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