Gravina: Market blockade for those who fail to meet liquidity index

Gabriele Gravina, the President of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), has elaborated on the approved reforms for the future of Italian football in a press conference.

“The new licenses have been unanimously agreed upon and predict a market blockade for those who do not meet the liquidity index and for those who adopt debt restructuring and tools recognized by the Code for Business Crisis,” Gravina revealed. “From September, we have been working with technical committees to arrange the new national licenses, starting to follow the view of an activity linked to respect between production value and labor cost.”

Gravina further insisted on the urgent need to control costs within the sport and emphasised how this ought not to be dragged out any longer. He advocated for a model that is defined by balance, where production value and labor cost complement each other effectively.

The remarks were made in context to the financial upheavals being faced by various clubs in Italy, advocating for clearer financial procedures as a preventative measure. The new licenses approved by the FIGC federal council are aimed at combating fiscal irresponsibility and to ensure clubs follow a methodological and sustainable business model.

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