Gravina: Fagioli is psychologically recovering, returning in January

Gabriele Gravina, President of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), has commented on the betting scandal in Italy’s Serie A football league, particularly focusing on the situation involving Nicolò Fagioli. Speaking to Italian newspaper Avvenire, Gravina labelled the issue a “social plague” that affects approximately two million Italians suffering from gambling addiction.

Starting a new paragraph here: “These are fragile young people who have succumbed to their weaknesses,” he said. Fagioli, currently undergoing psychological recovery, will be available to the FIGC from January, says Gravina.

Continuing his statement, Gravina outlined Fagioli’s forthcoming responsibilities. “He will continue his journey that includes visiting football schools and those places where his testimony can be extremely valuable to many peers”, Gravina added.

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