Good red wine, eternal quality: Aleksey Miranchuk’s redemption at Atalanta

Aleksey Miranchuk is experiencing a career rejuvenation, shifting from a mysterious figure to a player capable of elevating the offensive quality of Atalanta.

Once considered an overlooked bottle of fine wine, lost amidst years of dust in Atalanta’s cellar, Miranchuk is now an invaluable component of the first-team, proving it’s never too late to establish oneself in a squad. However, his journey hasn’t been easy, having been dubbed as a potential replacement for Ilicic.

In 2021, Miranchuk faced physical and off-field issues in a challenging Atalanta context, requiring time, patience, and experience to bring out his best.

His season initially seemed transitional, delivering adequate performances without leaving a significant impression. Particularly disappointing were his games against Udine and Torino which seemed to symbolise a bleak future.

But a turning point arrived at the right time. With crucial assists for Muriel and impressive goals against Salernitana and Rakow, Miranchuk started to turn heads.

His breakthrough truly arrived in a recent Coppa Italia match where his sublime performance showcased his undeniable talent. With nimble footwork and an elegant left foot goalscoring ability, Miranchuk nearly brought the stadium down with his audacious attempts on goal and his assist for De Ketelaere.

Interestingly, he revealed his potential as a key player between the three-quarters and false nine areas. Having been given the necessary space and freedom, he began dictating the rhythm of the match.

With Lookman absent due to his commitments in the Africa Cup of Nations, a door has opened for Miranchuk. He has more opportunities to take control of the team and establish continuity in his performances.

“Shining in a single match is easy. Maintaining that momentum is the mark of a champion,” says the Calcionews24 report. Miranchuk seems to have found his footing as an attacking midfielder, living up to the expectations that surrounded his signing four years ago. He is now an indispensable part of Atalanta’s squad, alongside other quality players.

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