Giuseppe Rossi: Revealing all about the 4-2 clash between Fiorentina and Juventus

Giuseppe Rossi, former Fiorentina striker, has spoken to La Repubblica about the historic 4-2 victory by Viola against Juventus.

In recounting the match, Rossi said, “Leaving the hotel to head towards the stadium, we were escorted by thousands of supporters. It was at that moment I understood the depth of the rivalry. We had a poor start, but I remember the anger upon seeing their attacking barrage. We took Pogba’s in particular, as a challenge.”

During this historic match, said Rossi, the Fiorentina fans played a decisive role, creating a devastating atmosphere. “Two goals in two minutes? I don’t remember, but I do remember I was out of breath from all my shouting. I didn’t know how to celebrate anymore, I was struggling to breathe under a pile of my teammates. It was mayhem.

Two hours after the final whistle, as I was leaving the stadium, someone said to me ‘Pepito, lean out, the crowd wants you’. Hundreds of people had stayed back chanting ‘The phenomenon, The phenomenon…’. People, even those in their sixties, were weeping. I will never forget that”.

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