Girona’s Michel: We can’t win La Liga, Real Madrid…

In a recent press conference following Girona’s unexpected 4-3 triumph over Atletico Madrid in La Liga, the team’s coach, Michel, outlined the direction the squad plans to go next.

Michel clarified, “We can’t keep up with the pace of Real Madrid, so we don’t want to label ourselves as title contenders.” This statement, obtained directly from the press conference, implies that Girona does not see itself in direct competition with La Liga’s top team, Real Madrid.

The coach went on to mention that the team would focus on larger aspirations, such as the Champions League, but cautiously stated they would only look into that once they’re within the last 10 matches of the season. Michel indicated that he would only be prepared to discuss the squad’s future objective when they have navigated their way closer towards the end of the fixtures.

Lastly, Michel made clear that the main goal was not to clinically win the league, but to think about each game individually and to aim to reach Europe, which “for us would already be a success.” With this comment, Michel shared the team’s vision to not only survive but succeed at the European level, which would mark a significant achievement in Girona’s football history.

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