Giordano: I like Reiner from Frosinone, but Soulé…

Former star footballer Bruno Giordano recently shared his thoughts in an interview with Radiosei leading up to the match between Lazio and Frosinone.

Giordano believes that Pellegrini would be a good fit in the upcoming game. He also stressed on the need for players to support their teammates at crucial times in the game. Giordano was quoted saying, “Pellegrini, for me, can play tomorrow. You also have to think about the teammates’ doubling up when there’s a need.”

When asked about Frosinone, the former player revealed a clear admiration for Reiner, but Soulé made the most profound impression on him. “Soulé is the one who is impressing the most,” he said. According to Giordano, Soulé has displayed numerous intriguing performances, reminding him of Berardi from Sassuolo.

Giordano strongly believes that Soulé, being Argentinian, has the potential to have a prosperous career in the future. He thinks that Soulé really seems destined for great things.

He also shared his opinion on Di Francesco, the coach. He regards him as a brave coach who has a way of effectively managing young talent. “Di Francesco is a brave coach and knows how to deal with the youth,” Giordano stated, praising him for successfully bouncing back after some not so good experiences. He further added that Di Francesco’s enthusiasm spills over to his team, creating a positive impact.

Finally, Giordano provided some advice for Lazio. He urged them to create pressure on their opponents and heighten the tension of the match. He was quoted saying, “Lazio must also try to put them under pressure, to increase the game’s tension.”

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