Gianluca Zambrotta: Careful with comparisons, Yildiz is strong, but Del Piero was exceptional

Former Juventus defender Gianluca Zambrotta has shared his thoughts on Juventus and the young talent rising through the ranks at the club.

Zambrotta praised Juventus for their willingness to promote young players within their ranks. Speaking to Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Zambrotta said: “I am impressed by their bravery in promoting the youngsters. With the arrival of Giuntoli and Manna, Allegri is putting even more faith in the talents of the second team. I am thinking specifically of Miretti, Iling, and Yildiz.”

On the topic of young talent Yildiz, Zambrotta urged caution when it comes to comparing him with the likes of Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero. While he acknowledged Yildiz’s potential, he pointed out that the overall quality of Serie A was higher during his own playing days, referencing his time playing alongside Del Piero and a young Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

In terms of similarities, Zambrotta likened Yildiz to Esteban Cambiasso in his adaptability. He stated, “In terms of versatility. Cambiasso can shoot with both feet and is intelligent, he moves well. I also greatly appreciate Dimarco.”

Addressing the striking prowess of Dusan Vlahovic, the Juventus veteran admitted to assisting iconic goal-scorers Trezeguet, Del Piero, and Ibrahimovic during his time at Juventus and confidently expressed his admiration for Vlahovic as a great striker.

As for Vlahovic’s potential to score 20 goals, Zambrotta commented, “It won’t be easy, but why not… He is developing physically and in confidence.”

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