Gianfelice Facchetti challenges Moggi: Let’s show criminal records

Gianfelice Facchetti, the son of former Internazionale star Giacinto Facchetti, has taken to social media to respond to criticisms from Luciano Moggi. Moggi, a former Juventus executive, recently made comments about Facchetti in Italian newspaper Libero relating to court case 2166/2018 of the Milan Court of Appeal.

Facchetti rebuffed the remarks, stating: “I thank Libero and one of its most trusted columnists who is obsessed with me and according to them, according to his must-read article at the beginning of the year, I would have been condemned. Let’s display our criminal records and have a good laugh, in the face of the space balls you’ve been telling for almost twenty years.”

The source of these comments was Facchetti’s own social media platforms, where he regularly interacts with followers and responds to comments about both his own and his father’s career in football.

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