Genoa’s Zangrillo Remains Optimistic Despite Penalisation Concerns

Genoa Football Club president, Alberto Zangrillo, has addressed the potential penalty that could be imposed on the club, according to an ANSA news release.

Zangrillo’s comments came in light of the issue reported in the Gazzetta dello Sport and subsequently picked up by other news outlets. He said, “In recent days, the company has produced all the documentation requested by the federal bodies. Formal hearings have been held and I personally have had the opportunity to confront, at various times, the highest authority of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. From today, in compliance with the strictest principles of institutional respect, the Genoa CFC applies the rule of silence, waiting in confident anticipation of the determinations of the Attorney General.”

However, Zangrillo did not provide further details on the nature of the potential penalty or the reason for it. It’s also not clear when a decision will be made by the Attorney General.

It’s a time of uncertainty for the Genoa club, which now waits to hear its fate as investigations continue. This story remains in development and further updates will be provided as they become available.

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