Genoa’s Gilardino: We’re aligned with start-of-season objectives, but…

Alberto Gilardino, the head coach of the Italian football team Genoa, has recently opened up to La Gazzetta dello Sport about the club’s start to the season.

Gilardino said, “We’re in line with the goals of the season’s outset, but it’s normal that there may be some grumbling about some points. It took time to build a strong team identity.” He was quick to point out the tactical challenges of integrating newcomers Retegui, Messias, Gudmundsson and Malinovskyi into the squad, emphasising that the team’s balance remains his principal concern.

When discussing Mateo Retegui, he claimed that the player is progressing well, considering his continuous play since last January. “He’s now getting back on track,” Gilardino said, adding that over the last two months, the player was able to regain his strength.

Gilardino also stressed the key role Retegui will play in their offence, as they work towards their match objectives. “He has physical presence, is good playing with his back to goal, brings the team forward and attacks the depth – we expect a lot from him and he knows it,” the Genoa coach summarized.

The comments made by Gilardino to La Gazzetta dello Sport highlight the pressure facing the players and coach, as they seek to fulfil season objectives while integrating new talents into the squad.

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