Genoa’s Gilardino: Inter is strong, we can’t afford a single mistake

Genoa’s coach, Alberto Gilardino, addressed the media ahead of their clash against Inter.

Speaking at the press conference, Gilardino pointed out the breakthroughs their team has achieved. “We needed victories in order to build confidence, harmony, and enthusiasm. We have achieved this through our performance against Sassuolo at Reggio Emilia,” he said.

Aimed with two positive results under their belt, Genoa are now preparing to face “the strongest team in the championship and one of the best defences in Europe.”

Gilardino underlined the importance of maintaining high standards in their approach. “We cannot afford to lower our approach even by a millimeter”, he emphasised. The players are eager to get a positive result and have a positive attitude during the game, he revealed.

Reflecting on the upcoming game, the coach stressed that they needed to be persistent in their approach. He expressed his belief that everyone on the field, including the substitutes, would make their mark in the match, buoyed by what he referred to as an “incredible backdrop of our fans”.

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