Genoa’s Bani: Last Matches Gifted Us a Beautiful Christmas

Genoa central defender Mattia Bani has commented on the team’s performance in the first half of this Serie A season. Speaking in an interview with “Il Secolo XIX”, the Italian defender discussed Genoa’s recent results.

“We really gave ourselves a nice Christmas present,” Bani said, referring to the team’s performance against Sassuolo. He continued, “We had come from four consecutive defeats away, things that can leave a mark. But after a good performance against Juventus, we tackled Sassuolo with the right spirit.”

The Genoa orientated defender stressed on the team’s strength and spirit towards improving their game. Despite the previous defeats, the squad maintained their determination to perform better in subsequent matches. Their determination was paramount to achieving a favorable outcome against formidable opponents like Sassuolo.

Bani’s comments highlight the team’s resilience and dedication to turning around their performance in the first half of the Serie A season, despite facing formidable opponents and significant losses.

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