Genoa reportedly finalising Martinez transfer, Oristanio move nears completion

The transfer market is heating up with Genoa preparing for the exit of Martinez to join Inter Milan.

According to “Repubblica,” everything is set for Martinez’s move, but one final detail needs to be resolved: deciding the additional player to be included in the deal alongside the €15 million already agreed upon.

Genoa is pushing hard for Oristanio as part of the transfer package.

“We believe Oristanio would be a great fit for our team and are keen to bring him into the fold,” a Genoa official reportedly told “Repubblica.”

Inter Milan, on the other hand, have yet to confirm whether they are willing to include Oristanio in the deal.

The negotiations are continuing, and both clubs are eager to finalise the details swiftly.

Martinez has been a key player for Genoa, and his departure will mark a significant change for the club.

Stay tuned for further updates as the situation develops.

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